Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Quick! How many Bibles do you own? Most of us have several in different translations and formats – paperbacks, hard cover, leather cover, study Bibles, devotional Bibles, pocket sized and large print. And now with digital versions available, we may have several Bibles on our phones, tablets, and computers.

Do we take the availability of God’s Word for granted? For many in Angola and around the world, it is a luxury. Recently, Phil was preaching in a Sunday morning worship service. As he announced the scripture reading for his sermon, he noticed that there weren’t many in the congregation who seemed to be turning to the passage he announced. So he stopped and asked how many had Bibles. Out of approximately 70 people, there were only 2 Bibles!

Phil selling Bibles at District Assembly
Scenarios like this have motivated Phil to have a Bible ministry. Before he heads out on a trip to preach or teach, he purchases Bibles (usually in more than one language) to have them available for purchase. Here in Angola books are very expensive, so in order to offer Bibles at an accessible price, he sells them at a loss. Recently a young person came to Phil with 900 kwanza (US$9.00), 100 kwanza less than the price of 1000 kwanza (US$10). Phil sensed that the young person had sacrificed to come up with that much and that it really was all he had. So he sold the Bible for 900 kwanza. That same trip, another church member came with a rooster that Phil accepted as fair payment for a Bible!
Wrapping Bibles in plastic wrap to keep them clean.

Pray with us that as our Angolan brothers and sisters realize the importance of having a Bible to read and study, and sacrifice to obtain one, we will be able to continue to make them accessible.

Students in the "Introduction to the Bible" class 

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