Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Introduction to the Bible course in Huambo

Students in Huambo
Phil teaching in Huambo

Last week we travelled to the town of Huambo for an "Introduction to the Bible" course. Phil taught the course to pastors and laymen representing 10 local churches. The students were attentive and interested . Times of praise and worship were also meaningful as Phil shared from the Word each morning and taught several new hymns and choruses including "Holiness Unto the Lord". On Friday, the last day of class, Paula presented a seminar on Sunday School and was very pleased with the reception of her ideas. The Jesus film was shown on Friday evening to close out the week.

We really enjoyed our time with those that attended our class and thank the Lord for each one that made the effort to attend. We also enjoyed the beautifully cool weather and rain! We appreciate so much your prayers as we travelled and taught.

Road to Huambo

Road to Huambo

Road to Huambo

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Paula's Ponderings -- Patience

I just finished reading a devotional on/about Patience. To be honest, I feel anything but patient today… What started out as a 3 day trip back to Angola (from some time in the States) has now turned into a seven day saga.

First, we had to run to catch our international flight in Atlanta. We boarded just as the “last call” for passengers to Johannesburg was made. But as we stood at the luggage carousel in Johannesburg, we realized that even though we had made the flight, our luggage hadn’t. We had to make a decision go on to Angola or wait for our luggage. Because of unavoidable complications claiming unattended baggage, we decided to wait for our suitcases. Two days later, we finally had all 4 of our bags. But now there were no seats available on the flights we needed to reach our home in Lubango.

We waited for two more days, until we finally had new tickets in hand. We made it to Luanda but missed that connecting flight to Lubango due to a broken down plane and overbooking. So after paying yet another change fee we booked seats on the flight the next day.

We didn’t know anyone to call and had no idea where to stay. So we had to rely on a stranger for transportation and a place to spend the night. It was expensive, but the air conditioner worked!

Frustrated? Yes. Just wanting to get home? Yes. Weary of travel? Yes. Tired of public places? Yes! Patient? No!

But the author of the devotional pointed out “The Lord is patient with you.” (2 Peter 3:15) and, of course, patience is one of the fruits of the spirit in Galatians (chapter 5). We have joked that if “tribulation works patience” then we should be extremely patient and we don’t want any more patience. Besides, what difference does being patient make? “Because, as Liz Curtis Higgs says, “ When we are patient in an impatient world, we show people the One Who is patient with us.”*

Ok, ok, I get it! Be patient! So I will order another coffee and wait patiently for our flight home to be called…
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