May 2015

-- Our preparation for Home Assignment and a full speaking schedule
-- Safe travel to Kentucky for Phil's graduation and on to Oklahoma City to begin Home      Assignment
-- for provision and strength for our Angolan pastors 
-- continued planning and preparation for offering full-time theology courses in 2016

-- Phil being able to attend the Regional Conference in Johannesburg
-- Safe arrival of our new and first grandson, Eli Robert Troutman on March 15!
-- Paula was able to spend two weeks in Seattle meeting and cuddling Eli

February 2015
-- Completion of the first building of the Bible institute here in Lubango
-- Means and finances to equip classrooms, offices, and library in the new building
-- Wisdom and protection as we prepare and travel to Huambo later this month: Phil will be teaching “Introduction to the Bible” and Paula will be presenting seminars on teaching and preparing lessons for Sunday School
 -- the first ever Angolan Nazarene Women’s Conference to be held in late March (Paula will be one of the speakers)
-- Direction as we look ahead and plan for the future of theological education in Angola
-- the Lord to call young men and women into ministry and give them the desire for training and education
-- the Lord to speak to pastors and other potential teachers in the area of theological education
-- the multi-cultural missionary team (Troutmans and Carvalhos) as we work to build His kingdom in Angola
-- continued success with our Bible sponsorship/distribution ministry
-- for continued growth of the Church of the Nazarene in Angola
-- that our Angolan Nazarenes will be strengthened and take personal responsibility for their church congregations and buildings

-- The privilege of serving Him in Angola
-- Our Angolan residence visas were renewed for one more year
-- A comfortable home (made possible by Nazarenes around the world) in a beautiful setting
-- Recent rains that have turned the hillsides green and caused flowers and trees to bloom
-- Phil’s completion of his Ph.D. (we call him “Dr. T.”!)
-- A reliable and comfortable vehicle that makes travel more enjoyable
-- We are thankful for doctors and medicines that help us get through each day!

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